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Girls are Pretty This is one of the funniest blogs I've ever read.

Monkeyface and Mrs. Roboto A husband and wife team of hilarity. I'm trying to get Trevor Dunnigan to start a blog, cause I want to be part of funny duo too!

Frolic and Detour Just a delight to read, but not in a James Lipton kind of way.

Fanatical Apathy Liberal radio host and funny guy Another great read

Montykins Another funny Seattlelite. I wish he'd tell me next time he comes down to Powell's.

Velcrometer I lurve me some M. Giant. Sorry, trash.

Miscellaneous, etc. If I had a tenth of the writing prowess this guy has, I'd be... well, a much better writer.

Christian Finnegan's Tower of Hubris's mortal enemy. I want a really funny mortal enemy! All of mine are such cretins...

In Passing She overhears the best stuff

Dildont I only include this because I think it's very very weird that my college sweetheart is now an avowed bisexual online troublemaker and in a band with my sister.

Television Without Pity Because reading about all that bad TV is so much better than actually watching it.

Pamie Pamie is funny and eloquent at the same time. That's not so easy.

Pop Culture Junk Mail The world is a curous place. Gael helps to find the even curiouser bits.

Aw, hell. Just go to Damnhellasskings. That's where I get all the good stuff.

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MooReviews Because who doesn't want to subject their innermost thoughts to random criticisms?

- 2003-03-19


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