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33 facts no one asked mnvnjnsn to share

1. mnvnjnsn comes from A Fish Called Wanda. I know Kevin Kline actually says something slightly different, but it's too late now.

2. I really like wombats. Wombats and bears.

3. And cats.

4. If I were ever to have a dog, I would get an australian shepherd/corgi mix. There's one who comes to the dog park across the street and I just love his stubby stubby legs.

5. I prefer Diet Coke in cans, Diet Pepsi in 2 liter bottles, and Diet Pepsi in restaurants. There's a difference, I swear.

6. I got my BA in Literature at UC Santa Barbara in 1992.

7. Trevor Dunnigan is three years younger than me.

8. I was such a band geek in high school, I became queen geek-- Drum Major.

9. In my lifetime, I think I've had about 40 cats. Also? 4 dogs, 2 rats and my sister's rabbit.

10. The most I've ever had at one time was 15 cats, a dog and a bunny.

11. I am a data analyst at a management dot-com portal.

12. I got the job at the height of the dot-com death spiral.

13. I once looked up Bruce McCullough's dress at a Kids in the Hall show. And he caught me.

14. I have a website about Polar History that I never update.

15. That right, I said Polar History. I am a polargeek as well. I have a favorite polar explorer.

16. I put ketchup on my Macaroni and Cheese and yet, I am not Canadian.

17. I have 1 pair of thong underwear: they have Ralph Wiggum on them.

18. I had front-row center seats for Peter Gabriel's So Tour.

19. My diseases include: diabetes, kidney stones, hypothyroid, heart murmur, anaemia, asthma, depression, anxiety, hay fever and obsessive-compulsive disorder (new!). You want to ask me out now, don't you?

20. I once broke my finger falling off a couch.

21. I can count to ten in Swahili.

22. I speak very very poor Norwegian.

23. I had coffee with one of Norway's most famous actors.

24. I also have his phone number. And you can't have it.

25. I am certified to drive for the US postal Service, even though I've never worked for the USPS.

26. I taught Trevor Dunnigan's high school sweetheart in Sunday school six years before they ever met.

27. I met Trevor Dunnigan for the first time when he was 13.

28. I am A+ certified.

29. I was born on my mother's birthday.

30. I am a capricorn.

31. I watch BBC America, The History Channel and CourtTV. And Fox on Sunday nights.

32. I think The Tick was the most underated show ever.

33. Anybody remember The Hudson Brothers Comedy Hour? I loved that show.

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8:04 p.m. - 2003-04-16


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