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People you might meet in my neighboorhood:

Trevor Dunnigan. The wonderful, funny and wholly undeserved boyfriend.

Me. Whatever.

Tang. Also known as "Newman." My sweet, mama's boy tabby.

T. Also referred to as "Tbone" or "Bone." And sometimes "Fusty Emu." She's cranky. She hates people. She's me in a tortoiseshell outfit!

Mn. Or, Phlyd. Or, Phlydmn. My feline black lab. He flops a lot.


Rockstar Sister J. Check our her band at this weird place.

Lawyer Sister K. She's the smart one with the beautiful children. And she's more like Lucy Van Pelt than you can imagine.

Paul. My geeky friend from work. If I talk too much about video games or comics, it's likely he's to blame.

Estelle. Should get her own entry. She's my mother's roommate and a godawful woman. God. Awful.

1:56 p.m. - 2003-03-21


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