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Round 2

I always thought it would take something truly extraordinary to get me interested in writing here again, but I never thought it would be something like this. Witness:

The 'weekly email' she refers to is an email my mother writes every Monday, outlining the things that she and That Woman did, are doing or have done. She writes with the expectation that her three daughters will write back, keeping her abreast of all the exciting things that happen in our lives. Mom sends to us her stories about all the deviled eggs she's making for church and we, in turn, reply to all so we can all share in the siblings' stories about the latest movies we've seen and other rip-roaring adventures.

Now, we all knew that Mom shared these notes with That Woman, which is why I never wrote about any personal issues, like health issues or money problems. That Woman covets those types of topics, and whips them out at awkward moments in public, so she can deliver her own brand of "awwwwwww, it's too bad about that, look how superior I am."

So, what the hell is her game? Why would she send this, and why now?

Well, this is all speculation, but: I think she might be certifiably insane.

No, that's not true. I'm not speculating. She's textbook narcissistic personality disorder. I sincerely believe that she can't stand not being included in anything. It doesn't matter that she hears the emails anyway, she needs to see her email address in that To field.

And as for why now? I honestly think it's because I cc'd my brother in law on last week's email and directed a single sentence directly at him.

My response? No response. That will probably cause her to harrangue my mother enough so Mom will then call me out. And when that happens? Well, I'll just have to outline all my reasons-- once again-- for why That Woman will never rate any higher on my radar than "that woman".

Some say I should be worried that she'll find my quote-unquote blog, but you know, I'm pretty confident she doesn't know how to Google her own name (though, if she ever does figure out the google, her name with be the very first thing she looks for). And if somehow she does find this place? The fallout will be sweet.

9:30 a.m. - 2007-04-23


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