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Vignettes, a tad of

Sitting on cornflakes

There are certain animals I just like. Cats (duh). Emus. Owls. Penguins (long before they became fashionable, which makes me so much cooler than you. Almost North Pole cool). Alpacas. Several Amazonian mammals. Meerkats. Most marsupials. And now? Walruseses. I was going to clean the cat boxes, but I've been drawn in by Animal Planet's Growing Up Walrus (Click here and scroll down to the bottom to see the subject.

Apparently, walruses are just big snugglebunnies. Plus, they make much better UN ambassadors than their human twin.

So, when I get rich and buy myself a ranch in New Zealand and/or Alaska, it will be stocked with emus and alpacas and wallabies and bush babies and a couple walruses. And Stephen Colbert*.

Won't that be fun?

Life, cartoony-like

I injured myself last night in a way that would almost have qualified for a LifeAlert commercial, had (a) Eli Horvath not been a witness; and B. I been indeed incapacitated. Knowing my body, I'm surprised I was able to recover at all. I'm very fragile, you know.

And all in the gallant hope of saving my soup.

I had the soup sitting on the TV tray, and I got up to get a napkin. As I left, I saw Phlyd look interested in my absence. Eli Horvath kept an eye on it, but Phlyd seemed really intent on getting that soup. The newspaper rattling that Eli Horvath did in Phlyd's direction didn't look to me like it was working, so I, dressed only in socks (and my jammies) hightailed it a tad too quickly back towards the soup. Socks, being slippery, and hardwood floors, being also slippery, colluded to make me start kicking my feet up in a grotesque display of poor russian dancing. This lasted for nearly two hours (or, like, several seconds at least), after which I careened towards the floor, slowing turning to the right so I landed just perfectly on my elbow and my already painful right hip. In the process, I managed to kick the TV tray and nearly (nearly) caused the bowl of soup to fly up in the air and land comically on my head. Cue laughtrak.

And scene.

*Stephen Colbert claimed in his interview with Dan Savage that getting married in Canada is like getting married in the Epcot center. That's practically a shout out!!!!!

10:06 p.m. - 2006-12-13


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