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To whom it may concern

It's difficult to type with a 15 and a half pound tabby on my lap, but that's not stopping me from pointing out what may already by obvious: I've removed the comments and changed my email. I'm tired of cleaning out the comment spam and, honestly, it's not like my comment threads were great forums of insight (my fault, not yours).

Anyway, send me an email at the gmail address over there. I'm not posting the actual address anywhere, so I should be able to read and respond to your emails without having to sift through the phlytillions of gibberish spam.

Gibberish spam. What motherfuckers. Do they really expect me to be opening any emails with a subject line of Высокая зарплата...?

So send to the gmail account. The diaryland one no longer exists.

The Decemberists were called out the other day on the Colbert Report for stealing his green-screen idea.

One can only hope this means Colin will be showing up next to Stephen very, very very soon to back up his email response.

12:57 p.m. - 2006-12-03


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