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I know what kind of of ghost I'll be. Have I written about this already? A cursory search through my journal history tells me I'm too lazy to find out. So, everything old is new again:

I will (probably) haunt the house I grew up in. It's the location of roughly 80% of my dreams, so clearly it's still heavily on my mind. If I've learned anything from the ghost whores, ghosts are "lost souls," right? Ones who can't-- or won't-- accept death and so stick to the place where something either traumatic or wonderful happened. That house is both. The time I'll be trying to relive would be my childhood: the early seventies. The trauma started in 1982-- I relive that enough in my head. My death may well be partially due to that trauma. I don't need to be reliving that for all eternity.

And I'll be the kind who opens all the cupboards in the kitchen. If I've ever been to your house and gotten thirsty, this wil make total sense.

Now, just for fun, go read this. The whole thing. I just love an affidavit that mentions priapism.

10:04 p.m. - 2006-11-14


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