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Grace Cathedral Hill

A very belated but also quite heartfelt "Hi and thanks for seeing me" to my friends and family for being willing to twist their schedules around to see me when I took a business trip to San Francisco earlier this month. There was breakfast and some art with Chuck and my cousin, who I rarely get to see in "Just Les" mode, as opposed to the "mother of twin girls and a tiny frenchman son" mode. I hadn't seen Chuck since we moved up here-- seven years ago.

Hey, Chuck: now that we don't live in the same state again, we really should start up email tag, like in the old days when Chandler Bing was king and everyone was waiting with bated breath for the New Star Wars Movie; you know, before anyone knew what horrors awaited the fans. Aren't you glad I'm using this forum for my email invitation? Well, you know how well I'm known for my discretion. Heh. I like the bearded look, too. Oh, and this YouTube experience is to remind you of that time we had breakfast at Howard's and discussed The Decemberists:

I was fortunate enough to be put up at a hotel on Nob Hill, directly across the street from The Tonga Room, where AmpuTeeHee was kind enough to meet at, along with her son. I wish we had more time to hang out. The kid, by the way, is pretty awesome. You both should come up to Portland (I guess you can bring MIG, if you must-- he just needs to remember to take his cymbals with him this time). I think FK and my nephew would get along swimmingly. So, to thank you for making the trip across the bay, I give you this:

Two of my alien siblings zipped across the bay to see me too, so I was able to give the sister her birthday present, which was only six months late. J, you can feel free to just forget my birthday altogether ("just forget my birthday"). That way I won't really turn 37, and you only just turned... 38. Heh. P - I also discussed The Decemberists with you over dinner, so this one is for you. It's a 12 minute song in three parts, and these are from two different shows, but I think you'll like it.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Some of you may have picked up on a subtle theme I've been returning to lately, so I might as well come out and say it: The Decemberists are the best band ever (I don't me EVAR, either. This is serious. I am an adult). I am so confident that every person who knows me will agree with me that I am willing to burn and send a personalized CD to anyone who hasn't already blindly obeyed my command to go out and purchase their entire repertoire.

Oh, I'll pay postage. This isn't a game.

11:24 p.m. - 2006-10-27


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