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OUT, damned tantrum

Well, hell. There ain't much worse (help-deskily speaking) than being recalled from a week long project 3 days early for perceived incompetence you can't prove isn't yours.

I'm sitting in SeaTac (well, obviously I'm transcribing this at home later, but let's pretend I'm typing this then instead of now) watching a very late Air Canada plane being boarded after some sort of long delay whose story I have not been following. I so want to be on that flight. More so than normal, I should say.

Instead, I'm returning to the home office and being replaced in the two-week project by the boss. The project, by the way, is a roll-out of a new version of Outlook (Outlook 2003 - so cutting edge) and an upgrade to our document management system. Not terribly complicated, unless you work for my boss, who has made it a 52 step process that includes very specific and random option settings. I was recalled because Tuesday night's work kept me at the office until 11:30 PM and, apparently, they were all fucked up-- despite the fact that I followed the 52 step instructions to the letter. It's enough to make someone want to take handfulsof pills and eat nothing but Mentos. Check and check.

I still have no idea what the fuck happened. I followed the steps. I accepted all the defaults. The one thing I did do different? Test to make sure the upgraded components actually worked, and that's where I found that things didn't take. One would think that was a smart thing to do, but evidently that just proves that I fucked up somewhere because there's a litany of other IT people who have done this work at other offices and never had a problem.

I have no idea how to counter that, other than with name calling, physical violence and sobbing. But I didn't, I couldn't and I prefer not to. So, instead I have a headache the size of the Seattle office.

I so don't want to face anyone in the office tomorrow. I don't want to spend my day in the dark, closet-sized home of help-deskery, less than four feet away from at least once condescending boob who thinks I'm an idiot.

ETA: OK, I have to admit I wrote that yesterday, so all the "tomorrows" actually happened today. It wasn't as bad as I thought, and we even bonded over the inability of our boss to not micromanage every stinking thing into the ground. And to those of you who know who I'm complaining about? I hope I can trust you all not to out me. I'm just venting, and you know you're all my favorite coworkers!

(Feel free to come by the training room for some free candy)

7:28 p.m. - 2006-09-21


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