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So, I think I've finally figured out my problem. I used to write almost daily. I IM'd people and commented all over people's blogs and journals and whatnot. But now, even though several things happen to me every day that would make at least slightly amusing fodder, I don't write.

(For example, I have to be at work by 7:30 AM, and if I miss my bus, I basically don't get to work for another 20 minutes. Today, I missed my bus, so Trevor Dunnigan-- who cleverly took the day off-- gave me a ride. He dropped my off at the same corner the bus drops me off at, the one right across the street from my office. As I stood waiting for the walking man to light up, the very bus I missed pulled up. Not that weird, except the bus driver actually gave me a look. We've been different bus drivers all week-- this was the second day in a row this particular driver had driven this particular route-- how the hell did he know to give me a look? I mean, really.

Anyway, at least three other things have happened to me today that are just as amusing as the vignette above, but you won't be reading them here.)

So I don't write, and now I know why. I am-- rather quickly, it seems-- disintegrating mentally. My memory, both long- and short-term, has almost completely gone. I misremember my past and completely forget things told to me two minutes after it's been told. I transpose letters and numbers when I'm handwriting them, and I use capital letters arbitrarily when I'm typing. I don't mean I capitalize haphazardly, I type capital letters in the middle of words.

This can be very, very bad for a help desk-type lik me. Today alone, I forgot to tell coworkers that someone had called for them three times; I forgot a task I had promised I'd finish yesterday, and when I did do it, I did the completely wrong thing. Yesterday, I went to fix an issue on one of the Major Shareholder's computers (his name is in the title of the company), and I ended up logging onto someone else's machine and fixing a machine that was neither broken nor expecting me to suddenly take over.

It's senility what's causing all this. That makes me eligile for disability, right?

7:35 p.m. - 2006-09-08


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