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Reptiles and [insert pun on samurai here]

I'm here in Seattle through Thursday, and since I don't have internet access in my hotel, I am staying late at work to write this. I always feel guilty when I don't write, as if I have hundreds of minions awaiting my every thought. I'm pretty sure I don't. Have minions, that is.

Spent the weekend in Sun River with sister K and her family. It was so nice to get out of our messy house, with its messy cats and messy bathroom. I swear I only get my legs shaved when I'm staying somewhere other than my own house. Tonight go the armpits, huzzah!

Trevor Dunnigan and I went kayaking on the Deschutes. We were supposed to be in a raft with the BIL A and children, but A suggested kayaks and we went for it before realizing he probably would have liked the adult company, after 10 days with the kids (K had to grade Oregon Bar exams, and so was nose-deep in paperwork most of the time). The part of the river you can kayak on is about a -2 whitewater rating (or whatever), so it was quite relaxing. I like kayaking, in that it's painless at the time and doesn't require any cardio training at all. It's only the next day when you feel it, and even then it's just the shoulders. My shoulders hurt all the time anyway, so no big whoop.

Was introduced to an awesome (and yet inexplicably retired in the early seventies) card game called Rummy Royal. It's a little bit poker, a little bit betting and mostly luck. It's really fun, and I'm not just saying that because I beat the pants off of everyone (not literally-- awkward!!). It's a bummer that all the games I like are funner when played with more than 2 people-- Trevor Dunnigan and I have a lot of game playing time, but few games that work well with just the two of us (Well, taunting the cats is fun, but there's only so much they'll take before they puke on the bed on purpose). We did get to play Simpsons Uno with the kids while all the adults had gin and tonics and discussed law. Despite the rampant cheating by both nephew and niece, it was very fun.

Oh, and? I have a boil on my face. That's right, a boil. On my right chin. It's so lovely and huge and red and weeping. How did I get it? No fucking idea. I guess I can add "Prone to weird skin problems on face" to my repertoire (I was going to add a link to a previous entry about that weird skin thingy I got on my nose a few years back, but I can't find it. Well, I once and a weird skin thingy on my nose, some infection only children and lepers are supposed to get. Lucky me).

You know, I heard the other day that there were two deaths in Oregon this year of the plague. I await the frogs with bated breath.

6:01 p.m. - 2006-08-29


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