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Questions, Statements and Recommendations

--Do snakes ever pick fights with other snakes?
--If Jehovah's Witnesses believe that only 144,000 souls (all JW, of course) get into heaven, why do they keep knocking on my door trying to talk me into becoming one?
--Why does Carlos Mencia have his own show?
--What ever happened to Fruit Wrinkles?
--Why does my cat keep getting the same diseases as me?*
--Why is there no Jamba Juice in downtown Portland?
--Why would a cat roll on her back and look all cute if she didn't want to be scritched there?
--How did Mary Lynn Rajskub go from Mr. Show to Rush Limbaugh?

--For the record, I hated Mel Gibson long before his last 15 questionsable kerfuffles.
--BBC America is evil in its plan to show excellent British comedy that is not available in region one DVD format.
--I haven't yet accepted the fact that I am pretty much too old to achieve any of the dreams I had 25 years ago.
--I am trying to use the phrase "Your judgment is pants" as a derogatory and flippant dismissal of people who irritate me.
--My company is willing to send me to Sacramento for four days, even though the hotel is charging them $330 a night. In Sacramento.
--My husband almost refuses to watch TV news wuth me anymore because I talk back to the TV too much. It surprises me that he doesn't like it; I am quite amusing.

--Go to cafe press and do a search for "Stephen Colbert." You will be delighted.
--Go to Scotland. It's really nice there. Norway, too, is vastly underrated.
--Sorbet really is refreshing.
--This is the best line of hotel toiletries ever. I will be taking as many soaps as I can whilst I am there.

*Phlyd has been diagnosed with: Asthma, random cysts, thyroid problems, bad teeth, bladder infections, affection for tabbies, arthroscopic issues and-- this just in-- kidney stones.

8:32 p.m. - 2006-08-04


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