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Some Fry and a LOT more Laurie

I was watching Hugh Laurie on Inside the Actors Studio and it both delighted and infuriated me. First of all, Will Ferrell imitation aside, James Lipton is a terrible interviewer. He certainly does his research, but the man cannot write a follow-up question to save his life.

(The following is a paraphrased exchange during the interview. The words are not exact, but the segues were even worse than this.)

James Dipshit:Your mother died in '92. How did you feel about that.
Our dear and patient Hugh: Yes, well, you know, I mourn her loss.
Fucker Teabag: In 1996, you wrote a book!"

An excellent book, but I doubt the fucker even read it. I swear, I think celebrity interviews should only be given by serious fans. They'd at least ask interesting questions. This wanker can't follow through on a single thought.

OK, it could have been bad editing, because it was clear the interview was longer than an hour, and they focused nearly exclusively on House. I suspect USA channel and Bravo are owned by the same company, since there were ads that happened to mention that USA is now showing... why, it's House! What *are* the odds?

A single mention of BlackAdder. A quick aside about Emma Thompson. No mention of A Bit of Fry and Laurie, no inkling of Jeeves and Wooster (no more links, I'm tired of the cut and the paste. Just look him up in Wikipedia. It's not that out of your way).

Stephen Fry was not mentioned at all, but fucking Lipton takes 10 minutes grilling him about his relationship with Robert Sean Fucking Leonard.

Mr. Laurie has said that he's not very fun to work with, that he is not the silly Prince Regent one would think he would be. And that makes me love him all the more.

10:12 p.m. - 2006-07-31


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