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Funny how much faster the Dland server is at 3AM

It's now approximately 2:30 in this morning, though I can't state that with much certainty since I snuck up here without my glasses and can barely see what I'm typing, let alone the tiny clock in my task tray.

I do not know why I'm not asleep. I like sleep-- far too much, probably. I went to bed at what I thought was a late time for me: 10:40-ish. But no sleep happened. It's been a couple years since I've had insomnia this severe (I am, like, totally awake. I'm not totally awake during most hours of the day.), and I've no idea why now. I don't have anything particularly stressful going on in my life, I'm doing fine at work, the married life's nice, the IRS isn't on to me yet. So what gives?

Oh, and another thing-- I've eaten nearly nothing today. Just not hungry. That hasn't been like me for ten years. And? My right eye is twitching. What the hell is up with me? There's a beer festival tomorrow and I'm not even all that excited to go. I think the real me was kidnaped last night and replaced with some cyborg based on the me from 1998 with a little 2002 me thrown in.

And there's nothing good on TV at three in the morning. Not even another rerun of The Daily Show, only paid advertisements (aren't all advertisements paid?). Just like there's nothing but Jesus freaks and news on between the hours of 6 - 9 AM. Programmers and scammers alike know that the crazy insomniacs with low self esteem are the only ones watching TV at 3AM and that old people most likely to send in their paltry social security checks are always up by six and ready to be entranced by a crock of shit with a bad comb-over.

Oh, I've added a new favorite blog over there-->
I put Halfway There in the Political section because that's what he was talking about when I first read him. He writes a lot about math, which confuses me most of the time, but he's a very engaging writer and I'm surprised he doesn't get more traffic.

Well, my tabby has rolled on his back and his big, fluffy tummy is just itchin' for a scritchin' (you cat people know what I mean). Off I go.

3:04 a.m. - 2006-07-29


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