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I don't have jokes, I've got complaints.

All right, I've got one entertainment revelation and several complaints. The revelation? That for one, brief, exciting moment, I regained my faith in the cell phone voting populace when Roz was booted from Last Comic Standing.

And I've just realized I have admitted to watching LCS, so now I am sad. Moving on:

Complaints! Hey, have you heard Nonpoint's cover of "In the Air Tonight?" It's in all the commercials for Miami Vice - The Movie." I'm sure I won't be the first to make this comment, but it's a shitty remake twofer! And? Because the shitty remakes are of shitty originals, it's twofer squared. You do the math. And when you do, I will join you, curled up under the bed weeping, slamming shoes in your eyes and stuffing dirty socks in your ears.

You may take that either way: as a raised fist of solidarity or aggrivated assault.

I'm sorry, I think the LCS in the background is affecting this entry. So, fuck the complaints. You only get the one.

9:39 p.m. - 2006-07-25


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