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When things really got into a horrible mess

My marriage is at risk. I know, it's only been a little over two years, but how--how I ask you-- am I supposed to guard against all outside marital threats without a constitutional amendment? I mean, really. Doing the laundry and cleaning the catbox and sleeping next to my husband is hard enough without having the thought of two people of the same sex in love, living together and enjoying spousal perks like insurance, child custody and shit clouding my judgement. Imagining two men I don't know getting away with living happily with a legally recognized union is totally eating away at my special status as a married person, and I resent the way people I will never meet have been affecting my marriage so personally by wanting to be legally joined.

For I am a Sneetch with a star upon thar, and I will not let some Senator McMonkey McBean come along with his big machine and let those people get their own stars. We need that Star upon thar Protection Amendment, and fast!

Imagine what will happen if gay people get stars! The sanctity of the stars will be forever ruined. Ruined, I say! All us legally starred couples won't be special anymore. And lord knows once I see that the bond I have with my husband is no longer special, I'm gonna be divorcing him for a dyke on bike faster than you can say my work is one hundred percent guaranteed.

5:50 p.m. - 2006-06-08


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