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Whine whine whine whine whine

I think, in addition to my normal panoply of resident diseases, I have caught terminal crankiness. Maybe in this respect I can finally be considered a "real" help desk person.

Humanity has been bumming me out lately. My friend's birthday is coming up soon, but I haven't heard from him in three weeks, and suspect I may be stuck in the middle of a weird, junior high school drama that doesn't involve either of us directly, and therefore either am not included in any festivities, or he has decided not to have any. (Seriously, dude, call me. I feel like every time I call you I've greatly inconvenienced you and either your coworkers or your girlfriend are pissed that you even took my call.)

Elsewhere in my stupid life, I spent four days in Vegas, and I swear that place is where all that is good and life-affirming go to die (not that I'm either one of those, and so I continue to live). And I haven't even seen Leaving Las Vegas.

(Although, since we were there for the 41st Annual Country Music Awards, we did get to walk right by a surprisingly wide-eyed and innocent John Corbett, who we overheard say as he walked by, "This hotel is so cool!!!" No really, you could see those exclamation points emoting earnestly from his eyes.)

(And, we didn't do all that bad from a gambling standpoint, having won $115.00 from a $1.25 investment in a quarter slot machine on Monday, and a combined win of over $500 at the Luxor on Tuesday night. Still, the Tropicana is a dump, everyone at our Vegas office is irritating in their own special way, and you cannot walk anywhere without being overrun by time-share salespeople calling you names because they can't believe you don't want free tickets to a show!! Vegas is really not the place one goes to if one wants to be left alone.

And now I'm going home to be left alone.

4:31 p.m. - 2006-05-26


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