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When in doubt, point out the obvious and move on

It's been the drugs that have kept me from writing recently. Well, the drugs and the debilitating anger.

Let's start with the drugs. Hay fever season is upon us here in the NorthWest. I was mauled by sudden mucus, itching and sinus failure to the point that I missed two days of work. I took this opportunity to bring up all my other issues and walked out of Walgreen's not an hour later with 10 prescriptions; 5 of them new.

They call me pill-poppin' Johnson, how do you do?

Ah, I didn't get any really fun ones, but I did get Zyrtec, which A) I've never had before; and 2. took me totally by surprise. It didn't make me sleepy-- as is the expected side effect from these kinds of things-- but something worse: it drained me of all personality. And, you see, without personality I don't write emails or journal entries. I don't even answer the phone-- and that's my job.So, you can rest assured that you missed nothing by my lack of updates durin the past, what-- two weeks?

The debilitating anger is what afflicts me for a good two weeks after any visit from my mother and that woman.

And honestly, I'm still too foggy to get into that right now.

3:40 p.m. - 2006-04-28


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