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Suffering the cranky

My back is killing me and I'm out of pills.

I broke my reading glasses and now I can't see.

I just got a letter from the IRS saying they've decided that I owe another $600 for my 2004 taxes-- ostensibly from the cashing out of my 401K when I lost my job. But, see, I only got 60% of my 401K because they already took out the fucking taxes, so I don't know what the fuck they're talking about. I was going to pay the last $500 that I owed from last year, but now they can come arrest me because I don't fucking care anymore. I refuse to pay for another war in the Middle East.

And now I feel guilty because I'm putting all this shit on you, my 3 or 4 patient readers.

Well, the line for apology receipt starts behind Trevor Dunnigan. I ripped his head off because he's getting a hair cut tomorrow (it's a complicated story-- don't ask).

8:42 p.m. - 2006-04-13


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