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A glimpse into the psyche of My Computer

I am writing from my home computer, one that I have recently decorated with a couple Yahoo Widgets. One is a pretty nifty little photo album thingy that circles through pictures you have on your computer. I like closing and opening applications and seeing what pictures come up.

This shows a side to me I think many of you may not know. Just like that old saying "As goes a person's 'My Pictures' folder, so goes he or she." Heh. Anyway, here are the pictures that came up in the past 5 minutes:

And another thing...

Have you seen the commercials for "Thank You for Smoking?" It makes the movie look interesting and funny, which it is, and I don't have an argument with the commercial, per se, it's just... when they list the actors at the end of the commercial, they use the following order:

  1. Aaron Eckhart
  2. Well, yes, he is the star.
  3. Maria Bello
  4. Um, ok. She's in a number of scenes.
  5. Adam Brody
  6. ...whaaaa??!?

Um, he's in like, two scenes. And, sure, he's good in them, but THIRD BILLING? COME on! [/GOB Bluth]

How did this happen? How is he listed before Rob Lowe? Robert Duvall? William H. Fucking Macy? Dude's best known show work is in The O.C., for god's sake. Travesty, I say.

Ah, thank god for this journal. I need a place to put all my righteous outrage. Because this stuff is so important compared to what other people are writing about.

(That's facetious. Follow that link. Seriously. Please.)

8:37 p.m. - 2006-04-05


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