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Tool thinking

SO, I was over at Outside the Tent this morning, and happened upon something that resulted in a spray of diet Coke on my keyboard (luckily, I was alone at the time. I don't know if I could have explained myself successfully to any observers). It was this paragraph:

Ned [Rice, of National Review Online] is, of course, funny only completely by accident as when he says something mind-numbingly stupid in all seriousness. In the same article with the gay cowboy titles, Ned gets Truman Capote and Paul Lynde confused and reveals that he thinks Truman spent years on Hollywood Squares. Perhaps the reason that Ned is such a talented writer is that he apparently doesn’t have any clue who the fuck Truman Capote is.

Now, I've always thought anything involving Paul Lynde was funny, but this just makes it so. Much. Funnier.

Confusing Truman Capote and Paul Lynde? COME on [/GOB Bluth]! This is not your normal brand of homophobia. THIS is some serious driving-by-braille ignorance. This is ignorance on a a grand, almost inhuman, scale. The kind of ignorance that makes me assume that Ned Rice is a species of grass whose endosperm structure is changed due to starch gelatinization, so that the grain becomes harder, thus increasing the yield of whole head rice due to his hydrothermal treated paddy.

Something tells me that a guy who thinks this is true:

must of course look like this:

3:48 p.m. - 2006-03-07


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