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Don't read me, read this:

I somehow happened upon the stupidest Boston Globe editorial I have ever read. Luckily, Sadly, No already ripped it to shreds for me.

Why Jon Stewart isn't funny? Normally, I'm willing to let people have their own opinions, but this guy? Needs to have that funny bone he had amputated at Hahhhvahhhd thrust forcefully in his ear.

Anyway, I'm finally caught up on my taped Colbert and Office episodes. I just saw the Colbert Report with Arianna Huffington on it. I met her once.

Well, it wasn't "met" so much as "interacted with her briefly when she was a Republican snotty-faced bitch."

She may still be a snotty-faced bitch, but at least she let Al Franken show her the error of her Republican ways.

She was married to Santa Barbara representative Michael Hiffington, a meek little rich-boy who later came out of the closet (and assumedly changed his conservative, gay-hating ways). They used to shop at the health food store I worked at. They came in once and she harrangued him mercilessly for his sub-par shopping. She was snooty and mean to the help (meaning, me), but I kind of like her now. Does that make me a bad person? Meh, I don't care.

This entry seems sort of haphazard, doesn't it? I don't really feel like writing. I just really wanted to point people to that Sadly, No entry. So stop reading me, and go read that instead.

10:31 p.m. - 2006-03-03


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