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I am trying very, very hard to pay no attention to the new co-worker, but it is trying. And sometimes, so is she (Now look, this is the stuff I'm trying to NOT do, because she really is a nice person,and she is so earnest and friendly. Which is part of my problem with her. She... she's not my kind of person.)

I don't want to write too much in here in case somehow I'm discovered, but let me just say this: one person's witty bon mot is another's obnoxiously loud interjection.

I haven't gotten a chance to write too much lately, on account of I'm just so tired when I get home. I shouldn't be, there is nothing strenous about my job, but I am. A year of sleeping all day is a hard addiction to kick.

Went to a show on Saturday (which we haven't done in a long time) and saw Hard Fi and Sexy Pants, a local band who were a lot of fun. I think I made a bit of an ass of myself ("really?" you're thinking, "I would not have expected that from you, what with your low tolerance for alcohol and awkward social skills that appear after the second Red Bull and vodka. Huh.") once their set was done.

You see, my sister J's band-- Space Vacuum from Outer Space-- is playing a show this coming Friday (they're in Seattle on Thursday) at Dante's in Portland, opening up for My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. I happen to think that Sexy Pants and J's band would appreciate each other. So, I mentioned this to a friend of Sexy Pants who was selling T-shirts. Then, I returned and mentioned it again. And again. And one more time. Then, the band came back out from the green room and I ambushed two of them (the one's without the beards. I think men with beards scare me a little), several times. I wrote important info about the band (website, name, place and date of show) and me (email) and gave it to one guy. Then I finally left them be to watch the Hard Fi show (which was great. Very Alarm-y sound, cute lead singer).

I only accosted one of the Sexy Pants team twice on the way out of club. Am I a dork? Yes, I am a dork. But it seemed really important to me at the time to will them as much as I could to the show. Because I really do think they'd like each other.

1:10 p.m. - 2006-02-08


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