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A Possible Upside to Bush's NSA Powergrab

(wrote this last night, but never posted it. Argh!)

So, I've been thinking. I'd be OK with the phone-tapping and email-reading, but only if Bush has to do it himself. So, much like a CEO, Bush has been claiming the right to institute stupid and illegal things, because he has the power to proclaim crap like that. But then, like a fucking CEO, he delegates the crap work-- like say, sifting through a million emails-- to the security-cleared temps getting $8.50 an hour. Work, I might add, he may even be qualified for, unlike his current occupation*.

Anyway, I think we should allow Bush to do whatever he wants-- but he has to do it himself. If he wants to listen into my conversations with my husband, that's fine. We use awful big words sometimes, so it might even help his vocabulary. I'm especially willing to let him sift through my emails. I mean, when you've got a government with a BUSH and a DICK in it, don't you think that particular data warehouse will contain 99.995% porn? So go ahead, fucktard, read my emails. Learn all about Vi@gra and $$weet young b0xes, because you never know when al Qaeda will email me about how to deal with a hairy Bush and limp Dick.


So, the job goes well. I like everyone. I like the actual work. I *love* the extremely slow learning curve, because it's so different from my last official job. Here, they expect me to know nothing and welcome questions. There, they assumed I knew what they were thinking and practically spit chaw at me for every small inquiry. God, I hated that place.

*And, really, that's what he's done, isn't it? He's occupying the US and using all the resources granted the country by its inhabitants for his own personal gain. Sound familiar? Because I don't want to fall into Godwin's Law I will liken this to the behavior of my cats. Now, Phlyd (who is actually smarter, cuter and a much better orator than Bush) is very greedy. It is all about the Phlyd, for him. If he's hungry, he will eat anyone's food. If he is cold, he has no problem invading Newman's space, literally laying on top of him to get his warmth. Granted, Phlyd hasn't set up billions of dollars in no-bid work contracts for Tbone, but I didn't say this was a perfect analogy. Shut up-- your necktie is like Hitler at an ice rink.

2:37 p.m. - 2006-01-24


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