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Today I have spent the day in a living montage: sitting unenthused in front of my computer at work, occasionally typing a word or a number, answering the phone without lilt, letting quick-footed accountants sashay by with paperwork. My iPod was, all the while, playing what will become the Soundtrack to My Future Movie called "The 36-Year-Old Sisyphus: A Temp to the Death."

(If you're interested, it's got Foreigner, Coldplay, the aforementioned Damien Rice and ELO. And a few others. It doesn't help whn I keep mishearing the lyric from 'White Shadows' as "Tired of the human race." The song is actually a little uplifting, but I don't think it should be.)

To steal a line from a depressing email I wrote earlier, "We managed to have enough money for the rent, but just barely, and Iím anticipating several bounced checks (well, bounced-automatic withdrawals) in a couple days. I get paid on Thursday, but it wonít be enough. Shouldnít near-36 year olds who *arenít* on meth be more financially evolved than this?"

4:52 p.m. - 2006-01-03


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