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My turn

Because I'm nothing if not a bandwagon-jumper, here's my meme of four.

Four jobs I've had in your life (2 cool, 2 notsomuch): KMart cashier, Computer Trainer at Skywalker Ranch, Kitchen Attendant at an Old Folks Home, Dishwasher at a Scottish Rave Club

Four movies I will make you watch over and over: Yellow Submarine, Anchorman, Blazing Saddles, Shaun of the Dead

Four places I've lived (2 you've never heard of): San Francisco (CA), Portland (OR), Goleta (CA), Lafayette (CA)

Four TV shows I would love to make you watch: The Office (American and British), The Daily Show, Arrested Development, Little Britain

Four places I've been on vacation: Oslo (Norway), Bath (England), Alaska (US), Sun River (OR)

Four websites I waste time at work on, and recommend that you do also: Sadly, No!, FARK, TWOP, The Banterist

Four of your favorite foods (Special holiday edition): Diet Coke (in a generic kinda way), Chex Mix (Homemade), Devilled Eggs, Martinelli's Sparkling cider

Four places you'd rather be: not here, not there either, definitely not here and bed.

Edited to add

Four songs I sing along with really loudly in the car:Solsbury Hill (Peter Gabriel), Winner Takes it All (ABBA)(shut up), Somebody Told Me (Killers), Man, it's So Loud in Here (They Might Be Giants).

That last one was hard. It is in no way representative of me and my musical tastes, but I could only pick four, and I had to pick things in my vocal range.

10:46 a.m. - 2005-12-28


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