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Away so long, so long

I haven't written lately because, quite frankly (or maybe, just kinda frankly), I've been very, very dull. I remain at the temp job, even though I found out when I applied for the actual position that they were going to pay less than the temp agency is paying me. I mean, I know most temp jobs are entry level, but crikey-- that's just wrong.

Anyway, that's the job sitch, although Grandmaster K (that's what I'm calling her now, since I'm now officially her charity of record) is angling to get me a gig at her office as a database person. Ooh, that'd be GOR-geous. I'm meeting her after work and she's financing a suitable (heh) suit for a law office job. I wonder if they have anything that's cat hair repellant?

So, there's that. I guess I could talk about the wedding a little more, since right now this journal makes it look like maybe it DID revolve around That Woman.

I got to meet some new people, which was cool (Hi, AmpuTee, it was nice to meet you. Already I can tell you're too good for that MIG of yours.). BIL P has actual, living grandparents (we sisters three haven't had that since the early nineties), and they were so much fun. Very cute. I had a hell of a responsibility, being the only attendant, so I had to eat a lot of cake and drink at least one bottle of wine too much to fulfill my "drunk bridesmaid" duties. I was out by 10, and popped a blood vessel in my right eye when it all came back up at 3 in the morning.

Perhaps I overdid it a tad.


19:20 - 2005-12-07


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