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Do I have a frog in my hair?

Well, that post by mail thingy seemed to work out just fine. I have been on my home computer so infrequently recently, I feel like I've probably lost most of my readers. Sorry about that, all two of you left. Here, to make up for it, I'll whine a little to make you feel better about your own life.

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been gaining weight recently. I could blame the drugs I'm on, and I usually do when I have to, but really, my diet is really, really horrible. Most of the things I feed myself fall under the "99 cent value" meals at fast food places, or the Budget Gourmet frozen things you can get 10 for 0 on a good day. Given my recent ballooning, my wardrobe now holds one (1) outfit that could be considered office-worthy. Most of my pieces are sub-par now due to age or size, but I can get away with mixing them in with the various pieces of my One Good Outfit, so I can make it through a week in passable wear, assuming we can wear jeans on Friday. I don't know if I can wear jeans at this gig-- I'm up on the floor with the legal team, so I don't know if I'm expected to keep up with them.

Then again, I'm a temp working for 2 an hour. They should be happy I don't show up in threadbare pastel suit jackets with shoulderpads from 1983.

OK. Enough about me. Did anyone see South Park last night? Holy crap, it was sublime. Kyle got sucked in by Scientologists who thought he was L. Ron Crazypants reincarnated. Tom Cruise ends up hiding in his closet (thereby ushering in the "Tom Cruise come out of the closet" jokes for the remainder of the episode) and won't come out, so they turn to R. Kelly (of that hilarious "In The Closet" opera) to sing him out. It was HI-larious. I feel kinda lame recapping the episode here, but I'm just trying to look busy until I can leave for lunch.

And look, it's lunchtime. Toodle-oo.

14:23 - 2005-11-17


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