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Road Cringe

I have been driving like crap lately.

This morning, I changed lanes and nearly careened into a car that had been in my blind spot. Luckily, that driver had excellent reflexes and managed to slam on the brakes before any contact was made. If I had a "Sorry, I'm an ass" flag, I would have flown it, but I didn't, so I slumped down in my seat and tried not to look in the rearview mirror until the driver turned down another street.

A couple days ago, I turned the wrong way down a one-way street in downtown Portland. SO NOT COOL. Luckily, all the traffic was still waiting at the next light over, so I quickly pulled into an adjacent parking lot and drove back to where I had been. Of course, I ended up going in through the out driveway and out through the in, because when one thing goes wrong, everything does.

I'm choosing to blame this on my age and the time I have to be at work. I've just burned too many brain cells in my lifetime thus far to be in control of a two thousand pound vehicle at seven in the morning in the rain.

This upsets me, not because of all the near-misses that could have been expensive and/or fatal, but because I now can't sit on my high horsepower Honda Civic (ha!) when other people do stupid things (like straddling the line between two lanes because you're unsure which lane you're supposed to be in).

Aw, nuts.

2:09 p.m. - 2005-10-20


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