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Friday points of contention

I've started carrying a very small notepad around with me that I use to jot down entry ideas in (who says I never end my sentences a preposition with? That's what I rebel at!). Anyway, I have several tiny pages full of ideas. Some are timely and political, some are observational pieces, some are anecdotal stories that prove a larger point.

And some are about TV shows. And there's my problem for today: TV or politics? Misguided anger or completely justified, righteous anger? Oh, okay-- how about unrelated, angry bullet-points? That's always an easy way out.

  • I don't claim to know a lot about John Roberts, but his association with Bush is enough to make me distrust him. Anyone with a semblance of conscience knows that. But there's something else about him that creeps me out. He's got that same empty, hapless look that Bush does. The same aging baby-boomer politician hair, that glassy-eyed plastic grin and smooth face that directors look for when they're trying to cast the thinly-veiled Satan-as-businessman character. And his Scott McClellan-like "answers" during his confirmation hearings reminded me of just another frat-boy in power who's used to shirking responsibility for past actions. Canada, can I come in yet?
  • I was watching a program yesterday on Animal Planet wherein an Australian couple went looking for a snake in The Outback. At one point, they were separated, and each walked-and-talked about how dangerous the snake, The Outback, and their predicament was now that they were all alone. I wonder this about every adventure-based reality show: What about the camera crew? What are they-- chopped Kodak?
  • For a while now, I've wanted to write about Sex and the City, but honestly-- I can't bear to watch that stupid show long enough to get specifics of why I hate that show so much.

So, there you go. Have at you!

11:51 a.m. - 2005-09-30


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