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And Mom continues

So, it turns out my mother decided to blame China for my unemployment because-- I kid you not-- of all the "pirated DVDs" that are keeping "millions of dollars" out of our economy.

Yes, I guess it does make sense: That pirated copy of "Passion of the Christ" hit Mel Gibson so hard, it's caused every company in the NorthWest to lay people off.

But she continues to blame The Great Red Army for the economic woes of the Western US. I think I will wrap her christmas present in one of the many boxes I get from Estelle. Every year, you see, she orders useless random things in bulk from a catalog, like bear figurines or cheap calculators, and distributes them magnanimously about our family like a cheap, self-serving christmas elf.

And each one comes in its own box, stamped several times over: "Made in China."

10:44 p.m. - 2005-09-24


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