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A quick detour to what might have been

I just finished reading Sarah Vowell, and now I am even more embittered than usual that I never became an essayist. I wasn't overwhelmingly impressed by Take the Cannoli, but The Partly Cloudy Patriot was more inspiring. So much so, I wrote this in my head on the bus this morning:

Portland has a street named "Couch" that is used as a litmus test for outlanders. Despite being spelled like a piece of furniture, it is not pronounced "Cowch."(Off topic - I had a step-grandfather by the name of 'Verbal Couch [pronounced kauch],' which would be my band name if I had a band and if I didn't suspect that someone, somewhere had already taken it.) For reasons known only to the ancient Portlanders, the street is pronouced "Cooch." I always feel slightly Canadian when saying that street name, like I should be talking aboot Couch Street while eating a doughnut.

I wonder how a Canadian would pronounce it, were they to come to Portland fresh off the boat from Moose Factory and see the street sign. I shouldn't worry, Canadians have already solved the issue: they pronounce it "Chesterfield."

Nowhere near NPR worthy, but that would be why I've merely got an online journal, and not a book deal.

6:54 p.m. - 2005-09-21


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