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Someone please photoshop me a picture of this joke

So, today I made my phlebotomist guffaw (that's not to be confused with the great spammer Phlebotomist Q. Cackle, who is always interested in your accoutn #X451351O or interested in selling you Xan@x and v1aggra).

I was at the doctor, getting a new prescription to keep me from throwing all the furniture out the window (among other things), and I was sent to the lab for some standard (for me, anyway) blood and urine tests. As the aforementioned phlebotomist was collecting the vials for blood and plastic pee cup, she mentioned that this was just a creatine check, so I didn't have to pee a "clean catch." Because every urinalysis I've ever had has required the 45-step process for women to perform a "clean catch," I was relieved (heh) and said "Wow, I feel like a boy!"

Oh, how she laughed, and then said "I always have to tell the boys they don't have to use the wipes."

Now, the following is the part that only some of my female, and most likely none of the male, readers will find guffaw-worthy.

You see, I could have continued my comic riff, but didn't. What I was gonna say, and I snicker even thinking about it, is this:

"Do those boys wonder why they have to hold their lips apart while peeing in a cup?"

Ah, medical laboratory humor. What would the internets do without it?

11:32 p.m. - 2005-09-16


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