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I am an Illusion

I shouldn't be writing this, as I owe this company that might very well hire me a rewrite of some technical documentation. But there is only so much technical tinkering I can do for a document about how to use a program I've never seen. Call me Ishmael, but I kinda like to know what I'm writing about.

Though you may not have known that from reading this journal here.

I've spent most of my day alternating between procrastinaton, doing actual work, and retinkering the song list for Jazz Hands Jesus. (You know, Rob Thomas really writes a whole lot of first person lyrics that could be interpreted as semi-messianic, although certainly not to a Stappian degree.) Anyway, I just got my hands on Rob Thomas's solo work, and so now I'm getting my Godspell confused with my Jesus Christ Superstar (again) and then mixing in some gnostic gospel rumors, Da Vinci Code and Rambaldi device references in inappropriate places.

Plus, ideally, I would like to film this myself, with my friends and family playing the various saviors, buddies, pilates and betrayers lip-synching the songs. It'd be funny. It'd be ribald. It's be a modern telling of a tired story with updated references and thought-provoking questions about religion's place in history, society and government. It'd be the latest underground sensation.

But I think most of my friends would be too embarrassed to have to learn all the lyrics to Matchbox Twenty/20 songs and probably wouldn't appreciate me casting myself as Jebus.


Now can you tell I'm procrastinating?

10:24 p.m. - 2005-08-10


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