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Caution: Side effects may cause headache, ear ache and DEATH

So, I'm trying yet another drug to help with my life of pain. This time, I was given a 10-day "try before you buy" sort of thing (although I did, in fact, have to buy all 10 capsules), and due to the look on my pharmacist's face, I decided to read the details that come attached to the bag your drugs are in (you know, the ones you never read). Well, this was certainly enough to warrant a second thought or two.

I mean, constipation and diarrhea? Nervousness and sleepiness? Bloody vomit? Ringing in the ears? Oh, Piroxicam, you had had me at black, tarry stools.

On a slightly less bathroom-related note, I just noticed the other day that I have become iPod's bitch. Not that I own one (I haven't got an extra $299 hanging around at the moment) or anything, but the songs they use in those damn commmercials? iTuned every one of them. Well, not the U2 one-- I ignored that one on principal alone-- but all the others (Gorillaz, Caesars, The Sounds) I've had to go get me some of that. The latest one, named "Pop Lock" (commercials have names? Ok, then, I'm naming mine "Eric.") I'm not into, but give it time. They will have me-- I fucking know it.

And it certainly doesn't help that my mp3 player just died on me, so god damn it, I may have to get a shuffle to tide me over. Those are only $99 bucks, right? I can do without food for a week or two, right?

9:21 p.m. - 2005-08-03


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