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Here I am, rock you like a...

People have been talking about me lately:

Shell cuts US Gulf output ahead of Emily (Reuters)

OK, so I owe Shell a little money. I totally think they over-reacted here.

South Texas Preps For Emily (KXAN-TV)

That's right, fuckers. You'd better prepare for me. The place was a mess last time I was there.

Bahia Grande flooded for Emily (KRGV)

Oh, Bahia Grande, I didn't know you felt that way. Mmmmmmm, I like my Bahia grande, *wink wink.*

Opinions vary on local threat from Emily (Corpus Christi Caller Times)

I don't know what this is all about, I've never threatened anyone named Christi. I don't know where... oh, wait. That Christi? Nevermind.

Ja battens down - 'Emily' weakens, showers expected (Jamaica Gleaner)

I didn't 'weaken,' I merely felt it would be in my best interest to bathe. It's hot here. People sweat. I'm only human.

People stock up in case Emily knocks (Corpus Christi Caller Times)

Because I demand snacks!

Amateur Radio Deals with Dennis; Emily Emerges with New Strength (, UK )

If ham radio can't handle Dennis, I can't wait to see them try to take me.

Oil edges up as Emily makes traders edgy (Webindia123, India)

Buy! No, sell! No, wait. Buy! No, selllllllllllllllllllllll!

Emily on verge of category 5 (El Universal (México))

Don't stop.... don't stop... oh god, yes yes yes, no wait... just right, no... oh nevermind --- it's gone. Dammit. No, it's fine, really.

Emily good for business (Jamaica Observer)

Need I say more?

Emily sweeps Caribbean islands (Bangkok Post, Thailand)

And, to return the favor, they should be over to clean my bathtub any day now.

Emily powers on (, Australia)

So I like to sleep in. Enough with the sarcasm already, Australia.

Tropical storm Emily upgraded to hurricane (KHON2, HI)

Oh, that Emily? Nevermind.

5:31 p.m. - 2005-07-17


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