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Whiny McWhine

So I've been here at OHSU for a little over three hours and I've completed everything I'm supposed to do already. I'm not crowing about how great I am, I'm just bored now. The boss lady has gone to lunch or a meeting or something, so I'm just sitting here in a tiny room on the 5th floor (oddly enough, the only floor I've been to as a patient - Endocrinology) laying back and thinking of England. I mean, drinking a diet coke.

No internet access here, obviously.

My entire right side has been killing me lately (and not at all softly)-- I've torn through my remaining Vicodin and am now down to two, with no refill for 10 days. Damn. That's the fastest I've gone through those ever. Och.

I guess I should see if my USB drive will work here. If nothing else, it may set off network alarms and at least I'll have some excitement.

It worked without alarm. That's good... I guess?

I could work here, I think. I'm doing some data clean up and analysis in Excel (wheeeeeeeeeeee!), and if there was an actual position available, I'd take it. The #8 bus goes from our house to the hospital (not a straight route, but do-able), though I don't know if I could do without internet access.

Other than that, I don't have much. Sorry.

6:34 p.m. - 2005-07-13


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