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Second verse, same as the first

Ah, day one of my latest unemployment and I've already slid back into the naps and self-pity I managed to overcome briefly.

And? Also? Even though I had a job for six weeks that paid better than I'd ever been paid before, we are currently overdrawn. Motherfucker. This so makes me want to pay that IRS bill that came in the mail today.

I used to think that the most soul-crushing thing I'd experienced was having to work through the chain of Office Space jobs, but I think cubicle life is slightly preferrable to my current situation, I think.

Bleh. What a crappy entry. And here I've gone and given this URL to several friends and (ex)coworkers. I think this bears repeating: mother. Fucker.

Yahoo tells us that Bush calls for action on terror. Um, isn't what those first two wars were for?

10:29 p.m. - 2005-07-11


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