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Listen, you

I seem to have some free time here at work today, so I thought to myself, I thought, "I should write a journal entry."

But for the life of me, I can't think of anything about which to write. I've already shared my feelings about July holidays, recent movie viewings, popes, office culture and the like, so I guess I'll just have to write about the new music I've been listening to. You may notice a slight trend in my musical taste lately. I'll let you all decide if it means anything or not.

"Modern Way," Kaiser Chiefs (Employment). It's funny, every song on this CD can be described in terms of sounding like other bands, but each song sounds different from the other. This one sounds like Modern English with a Beatles chorus. It's catchy and yet moody.

"The Winner Takes it All," ABBA (ABBA Gold - Greatest Hits). Caught a documentary on ABBA on some arts channel and was reminded how great this song is. I've put it on my karaoke mix, but the last time I karaoked, they didn't have it. And I'd been practicing my Swedish accent and everything!

"Out of Nothing," Embrace (Out of Nothing). I downloaded this album solely on the recommendation of a popular celebrity magazine I am choosing not to admit to at this time. They were compared to Coldplay, and Chuck Klosterman notwithstanding, we all need more Coldplay.

"Hysteria," Muse (Absolution). This whole CD is really great, but I particularly like the bass line in this one. It makes me feel full of anarchy and righteous anger, even though I'm far too old for all that.

"C'mere," Interpol (Antics). Ever since I saw the video with the puppet singing, I've just really liked Interpol. The guy's voice suits a puppet, and I like to think I'm listening to puppets sing. This particular song has a great way of going back and forth between major and minor chords that pleases me greatly.

"Chocolate," Snow Patrol (Final Straw). I think I like this song just because it uses the title of the album in it.

5:36 p.m. - 2005-07-05


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