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Office Space 2: Apocalypse

Although I have not given out my journal URL, I have started a fairly interesting discussion amongst my co-workers about who would play them in "Contractor: The Movie." I've stopped trying to identify just one actor for each, so "Contractor: The Movie" will have to wait until the technology exists to merge two actors in real life, and not just on phones. In any case, I work with:

  • Tommy Lee Jones + Dwight D. Eisenhower

  • Jm J Bullock + a smidge of Schwartzennegger

  • Stan Laurel + Hugh Jackman (although, he claims people have told him he looks like Matthew Perry. He does not, and that is a compliment.)

  • Sarah McLachlan + someone not as gorgeous

I now have the whole department offering me suggestions, most of them not even knowing why. Oh, it's jolly fun.

I have one coworker who is dying to get to this journal (and he's one I can't identify with any celebrity). I'll probably give him the URL once he leaves (and he's eternally planning where he's going next, and when). Since I don't really write much here that I wouldn't say out loud, I don't feel too weird about it. But at the advice of my lawyer, I won't be handing out the address until I am safely divested from my current appointment.

8:01 p.m. - 2005-06-21


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