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Slow and not very steady

Just when you think he can't get any assier, he does.

Even though I slept most of yesterday, I still feel like I need a nap today. I have been out of my thyroid meds for a few days, so maybe I'm falling into hypothyroid inertia. You know, in addition to my natural state of inertia. Anyway, I'll pick the meds up after work today, but it will probably take a few days to get my thyroid duck-taped back together properly. Stupid endocrine system.

I did absolutely nothing yesterday, closing with a nice lie on the front lawn watching the storm come in. The sky was red and orange, with a foreboding dark gray cloud coming in from the East. It was warm and windy, and the cats and I laid out on the grass looking at the biggest rainbow I'd ever seen and waiting for lightning bolts to crack the sky. Which they did. It was quite beautiful; I hope that when the end of the world comes, it comes like that: warm and windy and beautiful, then nothingness.

My friends who are from the Southeast weren't impressed by the weather last night, but for those of us to whom bad weather means we need to wear a windbreaker, it was damn cool.

6:58 p.m. - 2005-06-20


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