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On today's news, I think it was ABC, a reporter was asked for his opinion on the effect Terry Schiavo's autopsy findings will have on her "case." The reporter began his reply "Well, setting aside the medical and scientific evidence, I think the activists [who fought to keep Terry plugged in] have real arguments for their case."

I'm paraphrasing, except for the first 8 words.

That phrase, to me, encapsulates perfectly how I think most of the people who want to turn the world into a quote-unquote Moral, White Christian America work. When in doubt, just ignore the facts and make up your own.

Then I read a little about The Emperor who has no Pants and came across this gem:

Outside the courthouse, the crowd erupted in cheers as the verdict was read. A woman in the throng released one white dove each time an acquittal was read. [emphasis added]

Sometimes it just gets so fucking surreal. And then I go here and listen to Bill O'Reilly's sweet, sweet voice. No, seriously, the link is totally worth it.

And? Then I go to my latest fave read, SpectreCollie, written by my longtime friend Chuck. He's so smart and funny I forget I graduated high school.

8:12 p.m. - 2005-06-15


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