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A return

First of all, this really saddens me. My heart goes out to you, Mel Brooks. I was just thinking the other day, upon recieving the latest People magazine with BritBrit and Cletus on the cover, how I don't understand why all these really young celebrities are rushing to marry their young celebrity 'soulmates' (see - Paris squared, Renee and Kenny, JLo and co-star). Don't they see how unlikely it is that they'll stay together for any length of time? At least The Affleck was into long engagements (until he knocked up Sydney Bristow).

I was trying to think of successful celebrity marriages and I could only come up with three: Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson (though points are lost for his failed first marriage) and Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft.

Damnit. Something better not happen to Paul Newman, or I will have to retire to my cat infested bed and cry.

So, I haven't been posting lately because I've been at work, which is good, but they don't allow access to personal pages like diaryland and blogspot, so even though I may have time to write, I can't post. It only took me 'til now to realize I should just write in a text file and save it to my yahoo briefcase. D'oh.

This job, it's great. I like the people, the work is tolerable, the pay is fantastic. The only problem is that it's taken 2 weeks to get my own computer and cube, and I still don't have any software or a phone. This tends to hamper my productivity and keeps me afraid that they'll decide I'm not worth it. Here's hoping my security gets better soon. I mean, for god's sake, I'm working in the Information Security department! You don't want overly nervous people in that area.

But yeah, the folks here are great. If my department were made into its own Office Space movie, I'd be working with Stan Laurel, Tommy Lee Jones, Jm J Bullock and the guy from Grizzly Adams. I like working with Stan the best. We have similar sensibilities, and he's always thanking me for doing my job. It's quite a change from the last place.

FACT: Did you know paperclips are called "trombones" in French? What do you think they call the instrument? Or do all french trombonists play paperclips?

These are the things I think about when I have a job. It feels good to get back into frivolousness, I tell you what.

9:48 p.m. - 2005-06-09


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