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Still here

So, after much soul-searching, drug-induces hazes, listening to Bright Eyes until my batteries run dead, avoiding family and friends and basically living every day as if I were a nineteen year old Jr. College drop out and that the world really is out to get me, here's where things stand right now with me:

  • Still unemployed.

  • Our bathroom has a light out that cannot be fixed without serious electrician intervention, so every time I need to pee, I have to balance on the edge of the tub and reach up above the 'vanity light' and push the on button. This would be funny if it weren't so painful every time I lose my balance and fall into the tub. Although, if I'm on the right meds, it is kinda funny.

  • I haven't written since December because I let my SuperGold status lapse, which is code for I've been faaaaaaaaar too depressed to write anything.

  • I have recently created a very fancy spreadsheet (which is kind of what I do for fun) to figure out that I am roughly $20K in debt.

  • I'll repeat that. Twenty thousand dollars in debt. And I've paid my student loans off. This is all credit card and medical debt.

And so, you see, other than my husband and my cats and a few friends, my life is crap and you haven't missed a thing by my not writing.

And how are you?

7:00 p.m. - 2005-03-04


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