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Trivial bigotry

The other day I was walking in downtown Portland and I saw two women walking in front of me, arms around each other. I was comfortably awash in the glow of lesbian love until I realized that it was actually a woman and a man with a receding hairline and a very very long and curly mullet. It was then that I realized with horror that there are situations where I might condone a defense of marriage act. Oh, I'm going to hell for my hairstyle bigotry, I know it.

Speaking of bigotry, I'm also prejudiced against this: Have you seen the commercial for some Volkswagen SUV that shows a man and a woman driving in the mountains? The couple heads upwards through forests of trees and picturesque wilderness, exchanging meaningful glances. At the top of the mountain, they get out of the car and take a picture of the sprawling and beautiful vista. Then they start back down the mountain as a mellow folk singer croons significantly. We watch as the couple drives into a parking lot, presumably lower on the mountain. They pull up to an older woman, dressed in typical tourist clothes. They roll down the window and hand the camera to the grateful tourist, who turns and runs to a waiting tour bus. It's one of those sappy commercials that's supposed to make you feel warm about the goodness of the human race and Volkswagens.

But if they had time to take the woman's camera up and back, why the fuck didn't they just take her instead. It's a fucking SUV, it's not like they didn't have the room. Fuckers.

8:47 p.m. - 2004-11-15


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