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The pee and the princess

These days just before the middle of the month get hard. While I am careful not to overdose on the buffet of pills I imbibe regularly, I also don't really regulate my intake. That is, if I hurt, I take pain pills until I don't hurt (or don't care); if I am anxious, I take anxiety pills until I calm down (or don't care); if I can't sleep, I take one of everything and usually finally settle in at about three AM, no matter what I do, so that doesn't really count. Anyway, my refills come due mid-month, and I am usually out of one or more of my meds right about when rent is due. Couple this with my current state of unemploymentitude, and I get pretty fragile. Not a good state of mind for the job seeker, I must say.

So, what with all that and the political climate, things are what I call "pretty fucked up." I do have a new book from the library, so that's good, but I also have a room full of clothes that Newman has peed on to deal with, so that goes right in there with pfu. My sister's band is singing a song with lyrics that I wrote, so that's cool, but the song is so much better than the lyrics, so... oy.

I guess I need something to cheer me up, something to... I don't know, prove that life is worth living and there is good in the world and that we do indeed have Hapsburg royalty in our blood:

Is she not a perfect princess?

11:54 p.m. - 2004-11-08


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