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The Dreadening

Both the children and I survived my nannying last week-- my sister is reporting that they had a good time, so there is no psychological scarring manifesting as of yet. It helps that I didn't require them to do any chores and let them stay up later than normal, so I'm still the cool aunt.

I've been considering going back to a handwritten journal, mostly because I never have any topics at the ready when I'm in front of the computer. Although, I seem to have the best ideas ('best' being relative, obviously) in the car, so a handwritten journal wouldn't do me much good either. Ah, well. I guess you'll all have to suffer from my short-term memory loss and lack of concentration. You lose!

Speaking of losing, I have no intention of watching any TV tomorrow. My heart can't take it. I've already voted-- Oregon votes by mail, you see-- and seeing as I have no more control over the outcome of this 'election,' I won't put myself through the pain. Because while I'm hopeful that Kerry will prevail, I thought Gore would too (and the concept of GW stealing BOTH elections is not only possible, I half expect it). And there are so many bad amendments and horrible people on the ballots this year, I'm bound to be disappointed by Portlanders, Oregonians and the American people in one way or another.

I told Trevor Dunnigan we should have turned in our ballots and immediately fled to Canada, only returning if and when it was safe. I fear we may have missed our window.

9:12 p.m. - 2004-11-01


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