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Snapping good poetry

Weeks of talking about it, and it's finally happened: two rooms in the house are now clean. The dirty dishes have been reined in, and I've moved all the non-matching dishes to the basement. Rejoice, all ye non-believers, for the day is at hand.

Or something like that. I'm tackling the staging area next (that extra room that houses all our unwieldy furniture and piles and piles of clothes). I started a few nights ago when I couldn't sleep again (Tylenol PM not so helpful-- am adding Robitussin next) and I happened to find a notebook of old poetry from college.

Lest you think I fancied myself a "poet," the poetry I am about to reproduce herein was written for a extra-credit course I took so that I could get the credits to graduate from college.

I think it's hilarious that I actually showed up to the professor's office with this crap. Clearly, he was generous to let me graduate.

My poetry, as it were, fell into two categories: odd things I witnessed and the breakup with my college sweetheart.

OK... picture me in a black turtleneck sitting on a stool, cause this is Poetry with a capital CRAP:

The Moon

He sat in front of me and
I was
to ignore him,
he dropped his pen
and wasn't
wearing any underwear.

Classic, isn't it? Here's another:

Deep Thought

I stood at the shore
for what seemed like hours;
Memories of you
crashing at my feet,
stinging my ankles,
biting my big toe.
But it was just
the waves,
the salt water,
and an
agressive crab.

Thus ends the bad poetry portion of the entry. Please accept my apology, but I think this is pretty funny. Aren't you glad I'm NOT using my literature degree? Or are you just surprised that I actually got one? Yeah, me too.

I will leave you all with this: Trevor Dunnigan and I met up for drinks on Friday at a restaurant. One of the items on the menu?

seasoned codpieces. Eat up, me hearties!

3:36 p.m. - 2004-08-24


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