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My beautiful, my beautiful balloon

Been watching a lot of TV recently. It's mostly been educational programs, in hopes of justifying my lack of housework. There was one show about Parallel universes, the superstring theory and quantum physics that made no sense to me at all and yet, I was fascinated.

There is no way for me to summarize the show, since I didn't comprehend a word of it, but just trust me when I say they talked a lot about dimensions. Now, we're all familiar with dimensions 1 - 3, but physicists claim there are actually eleven dimensions. Isn't that crazy? And what's crazier is that they mentioned that tidbit and then dropped it. How can you bring that up and not follow through? Really. A quick internet check found some definitions, but I found them to be unsatisfactory.

Well, it's been bugging me and last night, in my pharmaceutical cocktail haze, I came up with my own (Keep in mind I'm not a scientist. Or a mathematician. Or even particularly bright.):

  1. First dimension: Commonly known as a single line.
  2. Second dimension: A plane, with 2 axes.
  3. Third dimension: A solid, or space, with 3 axes: Height, Length and Width, if you like.
  4. Fourth dimension: Time + space. Call it a continuum, if you must.

And now we get into the murky bits. Physics is mostly theoretical anyway, so there you go. *ahem*

  1. Fifth dimension: Obviously, a five-piece pop group from the 60s and early 70s whose hits included "Up, Up and Away" and "Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine in." Original members Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. later went on to become the band "Peaches and Herb."
  2. Sixth dimension: the dimension of the infinitely small. This dimension includes things like protons, riboflavin and flea circuses.
  3. Seventh dimension:the dimension of the infinitely huge. This contains universes and the Hummer H2.
  4. Eighth dimension: Many people think this is the dimension where unmatched socks go, but that's just silly. This dimension is where Bigfoots go to die. Duh.
  5. Ninth dimension: This dimension holds all the parallel universes, like the one where you get to wear pajamas to work and the one where my writing is actually amusing.
  6. Tenth dimension: The tenth dimension is always the last place you look for something when you find it.
  7. Eleventh dimension: The tenth dimension, but one louder.

OK, I'm sorry. That was a silly exercise. I'll just go now.

2:48 p.m. - 2004-08-22


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