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It's so motherfucking descriptive

Motherfucker. That's my favorite curse word, and I need to say it again. Motherfucker. My dearest Trevor came home today and said I couldn't be added to his healthcare until the 1st of the year because we didn't notify them within 30 days of our marriage, and they duped him into divulging our anniversary date. It looks like I'm going to have to pony up the COBRA money. Once again: motherfuckers. It's not Trevor's fault, of course, since a fortnight ago it looked like I had unending job security, but then it all went to hell. I had hoped today to hear from the crazy president of my former company, but apparently They got to her first, so I'm sure she doesn't care to talk to me now. Motherfucker.

I was sitting here paging through online job ads and took a moment to reflect on myself: I am a fusty 34 year old cat lady with low-grade database experience, all my high level experience is in stuff everyone else on the planet knows too and my reading glasses, which I'm needing more every day, have only one arm. No, I don't know where the other arm is. How do I expect anyone to hire me with one-armed glasses?

I've made precious little headway in the cleaning of the house. Motherfucker. Estelle comes for a visit next weekend (with my mother, of course), and I just can't wait to hear her thoughts on my lack of a job. I'm sure the subject of her IRS awards will come up. Wow, there's nothing like dwelling on future irritants to perk me up. Yee-motherfucking-ha.

7:55 p.m. - 2004-08-02


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